At Merchtable we define a "Pre-Order" as a product that the store owner is allowing the public to purchase before it has been produced, or while it is in production, to guarantee acquisition of said product when it is available. 

PAYMENT :  Pre-ordered Items are paid for at the time you place your order, despite the fact that they will not be shipped until a later date. 

SHIPMENT :  If you have included any non-preorder items in the same order, please be aware that your entire order will be shipped together on the latest date specified by pre-order items. Unfortunately, we are not able to split shipments once orders are made. 

DELIVERY :  Pre-ordered items will be delivered based on the shipping method selected and paid for by the customer at checkout. Please note that we DO NOT guarantee delivery dates. Just because you are Pre-ordering an item does not mean that you will receive it before the release date. This is also why you will see 'Ships week of XXX' denoted at the end of all Pre-order item descriptions. 

ITEMS :  Pre-order items may also have minor details that have changed from the time of your order for a multitude of reasons. For example, the design on a shirt may be slightly larger or smaller than shown on the pre-order page, as the item had not been produced yet when the pre-order was initially launched.

DELAYS :  Pre-orders can be subject to production delays, but any time it appears that a pre-order will be delayed we will contact you with a revised shipping estimate via the email provided at checkout.

PROCESSING: When we set a release date for a pre-order product, that means that our order fulfillment staff must begin shipping orders containing those pre-purchased products by that date. We do not have estimated ship dates for each individual order. 

CANCELLING: Pre-ordered items are eligible for cancelling up to one week before shipment. If you contact us during the shipment week, we cannot guarantee it will be cancelled before shipping. To help ensure your order is cancelled and fully refunded, contact as soon as possible after your order has been confirmed.

*For any other questions or concerns about a pre-order please email us at